Bird on the Wire may refer to the famous song by Leonard Cohen, recorded in 1968. It may also refer to the 1990 film starring Mel Gibson. Now, Bird on the Wire refers to a band from Amsterdam. They have been around since 2011,

transforming their sound until they were ready to release their debut album ‘Our Hands Meet on the Moon’ on Meduse MagiQ records in May 2014. A record full of dreamy sounds and psychedelic stories.


For their second album, Bird on the Wire found inspiration in the Elephanta; a strong southerly wind that blows on the Malabar coast of India. This wind marks the end of the monsoon and the beginning of something new.

The sound of Bird on the Wire transformed into – what they call – DREAMKRAUT : a mix of the drowny and repetitive sound of krautrock and the dreamy, melancholic atmosphere that fit the Birds so well. They visited Koen Gisen in his magical studio in Gent and Elephanta will find its way to your ears as soon as its finished!


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