With foggy, stumbling synthetic rhythms and tenderly woven vocal tapestries, Fetter produces layer by layer a haunting, arresting noise-pop. Bridging the lo-fi surrealness of experimental electronics with bombastic pop elements and just the right amount of profound



Having spent the springtime months in Berlin conjuring up songs and visuals for a new album, this October Fetter reveals a mini-EP featuring the two singles "Hunter" and "Stickie Self," a tantalizing preview of the full-length album to come in 2017. Incorporating noisy yet unavoidably danceable textures, Fetter's latest work reclaims bliss in catastrophe and invites us to find refuge in absurdity through stories of disappearing aircraft, selfie-deaths, fertile wastelands, and the curiously persistent urge to procreate. Join us to get your hands on the freshly pressed and printed tape!



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