19 May 2017

MQ event @ Stedelijk Museum

Performances by MQ Muze Fluisteraars, Roberta Petzoldt and Raaf & Rover.






















During the finissage in the Stedelijk Museum, Meduse MagiQ has put together a performance program inspired by muses.


Vali Myers, a magical woman and Ed van der Elsken’s recurring muse, is Meduse MagiQ’s inspiration for the performance program’s theme. For this evening’s event, Meduse MagiQ gathered a group of muse whisperers who, blending very discretely into the audience, will speak with soft voices about the sources of inspiration for artists and will carry on whispered conversations with museum visitors.


The anonymous artist duo of Raaf and Rover investigatedv the concept of the muse through sound. “Look,” says a voice while the subject is looking directly into the camera. The glance is shy, curious, and occasionally aloof as the voice gives commands. Through sounds and recurring fragments of stories, you find yourself in the head of the person looking at the muse. Is there any distance between the muse and the observer? Could muse and spectator be the same person? Sharpen your ears and discover the sound of the muse wandering through the exhibition spaces.


Roberta Petzoldt works as a poet, performer, and actress, and is familiar with many forms of appearance. She’s sometimes a time loop, sometimes a desk lamp, sometimes a reflection, and sometimes a thunderstorm. She was six years old when she first saw Vali Myers, in the book Eye Love You by Ed van der Elsken. Petzoldt found her scary and fascinating. Myers’s complete authenticity and lack of compromise showed her that she did not have to conform, that it was not necessary to adapt. In this performance, Petzoldt told how Myers inspired her to diverge from the straight path and withdraw into the wilderness.

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